1. FPGA Design Kit - Virtex 7 and 6 Digital Receivers
    FPGA Design Kit - Virtex 7 and 6 Digital Receivers
Significantly Improves Time-to-Market by Reducing VHDL & FPGA Development Time!

Available for all Delphi Engineering Digital Receivers

The Delphi Engineering FPGA Design Kit enables users to customize board operation and add DSP functionality such as: FIR Filters, Digital Down-Conversion/Demodulation, I/Q Generation, and FFTs. This Design Kit significantly reduces development time by providing the complete VHDL code base for all Delphi Engineering FPGA based products.

Delphi also offers FPGA design services to customers seeking to outsource their FPGA design. The Delphi Engineering Group is a Xilinx design services partner, and can deliver custom FPGA solutions to meet the most demanding application requirements.

Xilinx Virtex 7 and 6 FPGA Support VHDL Project Source Code
Simulation Test Bench
Xilinx ISE and Vivado Compatible